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Wicked and Gold (Single)

Noraay’s latest single ‘Wicked and Gold’ is about a relationship that is 50% good and 50% not so good.

From The Darkness To Light (Album)

The 2021 re-release of Noraay’s debut album combining Soul, Hip Hop and Arabic influences.

‘From The Darkness To Light is an album about seeking answers when faced with confusing relationships and when observing the worst of humanity’s actions. It’s about ultimately finding some peace through self-reflection, spirituality, and love.’

Procrastination (Single)

He just won’t commit….what’s a woman to do?

Be Speak and Do (Single)

“…Reminiscent of a 60s protest song, Be Speak and Do tackles poverty, obesity, war, and climate change, and offers a solution based on love.”

Daddy Says (Single)

A song telling the story of a devoted father, who despite very difficult circumstances provides guidance, support and love to his family.