1. Reset

Noraay's Blog Post: Reset

Sometimes we can spend a whole lot of energy chasing something that is not for us, and which we are not meant for. 


We get caught up in the excitement, the hype, and how it looks from the outside, without stopping to consider the detail or whether this is really what is best for us.


You can get caught up in an illusion, choosing to believe what something appears to be, instead of listening to the feeling inside that is telling you ‘no’. And instead of really paying attention and seeing the consequences of our choices.


And if for a moment, we wake up from this trance, it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to stop getting sucked right back in.


Eventually, we need to take an honest look in the mirror and ask ourselves whether we are actually happy.  You have to dig deep and ask yourself ‘Is this what I really want’ and ‘Don’t I deserve better than this?’


Finally, it will be time to decide, choose and say:  ‘I am not that.  I am [fill in your own word(s)]. This is who I am.  This is who I’ve always been.’


And then small step, after small step…a new journey begins…


What is your ‘I am…..’?